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OC Penpals!

So I got this idea from reading puella_nerdii's advice column thread, and thinking to myself, "Writing to one of Puel's characters as one of my characters? That sounds like fun! --But they don't know each other very well yet! What are they supposed to talk about?"

And then I thought to myself, "PENPAL THREAD," and that brings us up to now.

So what is it?

Write to any of my OCs as any of your OCs! Or at least as a character you want practice with. Letters can be as long as you like or as short as you like. My characters will reply! They can have conversations, get to know each other, share things about their lives, ask each other questions, whatever suits their fancy. I always think it's a useful character development thing to let characters talk to new people. And our heads are all full of new people!

This sounds like fun--but I don't know you that well! I don't want to put my lame/stupid/boring/underdeveloped OCs on your thread and be a big exasperating no-clue-having party-annihilator! Should I just keep my mouth shut? Oh God, how are you reading my mind, this is creepy make it stop--

Please don't be shy, even if we've barely spoken before. =D I would still love to get to know some of your characters, and I'm sure we'd have a lot of fun!

Okay, who can I write to? What might they want to talk about for starters?

Okay, limiting this to characters from Gilded Souls who I am working on currently:

Michel de Baschi is a prickly-but-compassionate high society gent who cares about clothes, and art, and Catholicism, and being better than everybody else, but in a gracious way. He lives on a ship, which he hates, and is not suited for at all, but he's very loyal to his best friend who-is-the-captain, so he's stuck there. He has a lot of things to say about madness and doubting one's own sanity, if that's something your OC can relate to. Write to Michel for a more cerebral conversation, or if you want to exchange sordid and titillating stories (he has thousands).

Pallas Demopoulos is a sexy backstabbing genius. She gets into a lot of bad (read: dramatastic) relationships, mostly because she's addicted to stress. She grew up in an unfortunate boarding school in Constantinople, which gave her a fairly advanced grasp of moral relativism (and a pretty solid grounding in prison mentality). Not a bad choice of penpal for your scumbags and monsters (she doesn't judge), or anybody who enjoys a challenge.

Kent (just Kent) is fifteen years old and an apprentice magician and conman. He and his master travel all over the world doing magic, spying on people, and stealing things. He ran away from home when he was seven years old (for damn good reasons), and he has a lot of Feelings about his family. He's also bi-racial, which he's received a moderate amount of shit for in his life. He lives to be useful and valued. As a correspondent, you can count on him to be friendly, inquisitive, and very talkative.

And from the secondary cast:
Jefferson DeValk is a former soldier--on paper. He's one of those guys who never really stops being a soldier. He joined a rebellion that didn't work out, and then no army would take him. Sure, he could become a mercenary, but he's got some Goddamned principles. These days he boxes on the underground and does a lot of drinking. Write to Jefferson for Guy Talk.

Marianne Banas does not need your shit. Do you have shit? She is not your shit customer. If you also have problems with being fed shit, people giving you shit, or everything turning to shit, Marianne can probably empathize. She wants to change the world and she's not interested in your "reasons" for why that won't work, which you probably arrived at via some suspect method such as "thinking." Marianne doesn't need to think. Marianne KNOWS.

Wow, that was a lot of words. Okay, can I write to more than one character at once?

Please write to one character at a time, from one character at a time, at least until their conversation is rolling. =D

Thanks so much, guys, I hope we have fun!
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