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So yeah, original project.

If I'm going to talk about my original project here I guess I should probably explain what it is. Don't worry, this will be short and should not hurt at all.

So what the fuck is Gilded Souls?

Gilded Souls is the the original fiction project I've been working on with wizzard890 for the last couple of months. Ideally, it will turn into novels! Because every fanfic writer who gets too big for her britches eventually knuckles down to a novel.

Okay, but what is it?

Imagine an Arthurian adventure where they fight Lovecraftian horrors in the early-1900s. It's kind of like that. It's all, like, eldritch and sordid and glamorous, and everybody gets to wear great suits.

And then it's all like...hope! Nobility! Facing the demons of the past! In great suits.

So there's magic in it.

There's a couple different kinds of magic. When the story starts, the only kind of magic there has ever been is illusion. Dark Things which are Beyond Our Ken bring more. The problem is that magic--all magic--is deeply entropic in the world of Gilded Souls, and that's affected life on every level. Food rots faster, people go mad more frequently, machines rust, break down, and fail, and the only way to maintain social order is to enforce a rigid social hierarchy. For that reason, democracy never flourished, communism never existed, and imperialism is still the order of the day.

Who are the main characters?

There's six, with a slew of secondary characters. Here's the core cast in the order that they're introduced:

ISAAC - Noble Dickbag

Indomitable bastard. Daring pirate. Born leader of men. Kinda on the short side.

MICHEL - The Wingman

A Princeton-educated socialite, and a snappy dresser! He and Isaac have been best friends since they were twelve years old, although nobody’s sure why.

SELWYN - Absolute Monster

One of the best magicians in North America, and a super friendly guy. Want to make a deal with the devil? Start by having a beer with Selwyn.

KENT - Fate’s Bitch

Fifteen years old and a cocky little shit. In a good way! Nothing keeps this kid down. He's Isaac's long-lost son, although Kent might suggest that there's a difference between being lost and avoiding someone.

PALLAS - The Tactician

A peroxide blonde and scary genius. Kind of evil, but only because she’s seen things beyond our ken. If she gets bored, she’ll go mad, so she’ll triple-cross you in her spare time just to keep things interesting.

ELEANORE - The Princess

No really, she’s a princess! The heir to the British throne, what’s more. Although it’s a little hazy how much that means, since England turned into a demented non-Euclidean chrysalis of diamond. She’s a self-possessed sixteen year-old.

Yeah, okay, but what are the canon ships?

I have prepared a chart. If you care: this is massive spoilers.

So there you go! What I'm doing lately. Now that I've introed it, I'll probably talk about Gilded Souls more often. I really love this project, and hopefully a couple of you will be intrigued by it, too. =D
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