Aria (latinusername) wrote,

Oh God this is scary.


This is a new personal sort of journal thing for pyrrhiccomedy. I will put things here and you can read them if you want. It's probably going to be a lot of fiction and comedy essays and meta and whatever else and still not a whole lot of ~my personal life,~ but I'm taking baby steps, okay?

Baby steps.

This journal will not have any fandom content; for that, head on back to pyrrhiccomedy. Although I might end up talking about fandom, in this space, so, you know, if you're gunning to make it big on Wank Report, this is maybe the place to be.

On a related note--it's very likely that some of the content here will be friendslocked.

You can also follow me on Twitter at latinusername (those of you who were following me on pyrrhiccomedy: it's the same account, you're good), although my tweets are locked so I would ask that you please introduce yourself here so I know who you are before I approve your Twitter friend request. I have also declined all my outstanding requests (some of which have been around for months I HAVE A HARD TIME SAYING NO) for those of you who only wanted to follow me in the first place for my Hetalia stuff. If I've just declined you, but you still want to follow me, just introduce yourself here and request again.

Also, if you are from my old friendslist on pyrrhiccomedy and I did not preemptively re-friend you, please don't take that as a slight. Odds are that we primarily know each other through the fandom, and I don't want you to feel pressured to counterfriend me if you are not interested in this journal's content. =D If you are, aces!

Anyway. I guess that's it.
Tags: total recluse
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